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Tuesday, October 02, 2007 

Big Al celebrates #29

Today starts the year long celebration of Big Al's journey to the big THREE-OH. Until 10/2/08, Big Al still has one more year of his 20's to celebrate. I'm not going to promise anything, just because I tend to be flaky in my old age (remember BigAlsHouse.com Version 3.0?), but I'm sure there will be plenty in store over the next 365 days.

(Jo made Big Al some cupcakes. This one is my favorite. It reminds me of something...)

If you have a chance, send me an email, Skype me, send me an IM, give me a phone call or send me a text message. I'm looking for creative suggestions as to what I should do before I turn 30.
Some things that are on the list:
Join the mile-high club
Be on To Catch a Predator
Kick Frenchy's ass
Apologize to Q for all the B.S. that I've done to him

Thanks to those that have already wished Big Al a Happy 29th.

oh man...why u tryin to kick my ass? (not like u can, foo) i already wished u a happy 30th...old boi. u just mad cuz the gift's in the mail, biiiiiiaaaaatch. check an IM too, muh fucka.


happy burfday, big al! enjoy your last year before you reach "over-the-hill-dom"!! :-)

Apologies to Q sounds like a good thing to do before 30 =P

Hey Big Al,


Enjoy your 20's while they last . . .

all the best in the next year,


ps. got AIM, (christopherdpike)

happy birthday big easy...this is the last birthday before you start getting walkers and hearing aids for presents...haha!

why on Earth would you want to apologize to Q?!?!

not that Q dumass. i'd still luv to bang, hook up, score w/ her. u idiot. this q's a dude. my q's a hot flip. douche'em'bagger.

um...maybe nerrrmind. i read yudd's shit. ooops. either way...my q's hot.

drunk posting is the overseas version of drunk dialing...wooops.

Happy Birthday, Al! Here's my suggestion for something to do: dig up that time capsule you buried when you were a kid.

I have a time capsule??? If I did, it would be like Pandora's box or maybe more like The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo. Puppy Power!

Big Al

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