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Tuesday, September 25, 2007 

Big Al's V-towne house involved in arson?

It looks like Big Al's house in V-towne dodged a big bullet on Monday night. The backyard of the house across the street was involved in a grassfire, and it look like arson is suspected. Check it out:
Vallejo Times Herald

(Rob and Ron's crib where we played many a games of whiffle ball.)

So I live on a hill-like street in V-towne where most of hill is just covered in dry grass. There's a creek and trail that are at the bottom of the hill. When I'm at home I usually go for a jog. Big Al Sr. said that they had to remove some hot shingles from Rob & Ron's house and their fences are pretty much just ash now. I'm wondering if it's the same person that took my shoes tried to get me in V-towne. I may call the hotline and throw it out as theory to this unsolved mystery. Don't mess with Big Al in his hood!

is that were the cockfights were held at?


Cockfights were not held at Big Al's street. However, I suspect that one of my neighbors raised roosters for about a year. Every once in awhile you would see one in my backyard running around.

Big Al

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