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Friday, September 21, 2007 

Big Al's shoes are missing

Last April I purchased a little shoe rack to place on my front porch. It allows me to neatly stack my various shoes - runners, cleats, dress shoes, flip-flops, etc. Around the time of Annora's wedding I noticed that I couldn't find a pair of my black shoes. They a nice pair of loafer-like Ecco shoes that were about 2 years old. At the time, I was very aloof, and I figured that I may have misplaced them at the gym or at my parent's house. Then one day, I found my pair of slippers in the garbage. Today I'm missing a pair of Nike's and a pair of my other black dress shoes. I can't believe somebody would take my shoes!!!

(If the thief only knew that I had a boatload of vintage Air Jordan's upstairs.)

I've had some problems with my neighbor lately, and I'm wondering if he's responsible. I'm a little upset over my original pair of Ecco's since they were nice. The Nike's and the other dress pair of Ecco's needed to be retired. I'm not the one to curse the one who took the shoes. Maybe they really needed the shoes, but it's hard not to hope they get athlete's foot (not that I have it - I'm ShoeTransmittedDisease free ladies).

who stores shoes outside? anyways...damn savage neighbors.


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