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Wednesday, September 12, 2007 

Big Al goes to his first Indian wedding

So the 2007 wedding season is done for Big Al. (Teddy... I pushed your services all year.) I went to S. & H's wedding last Saturday. It was my first Indian wedding.

(Seeing each other for the first time. The big moment!!!)

Prior to the ceremony, one of the Indian guests gave me a lesson in Indian Wedding 101. He basically said that it will take about 1 1/2 hours, most people will talk with others and not pay attention and almost all of the ceremony will be in Sanscrit. 1 1/2 hours later, everything he said was true. People were talking, taking pictures of each other, answering their phones, drinking coffee and playing with their kids. The ones that were used to more of the Americanized wedding were really respectful though... ROOKIES!!!

(Morgan, Morgan's Wife, Dieske & Matty hanging out)

If you have the opportunity to check out an Indian wedding, I highly recommend it. My favorite part was when the bride was supposedly introduced to the groom for the first time. (This wasn't an arranged marriage, but I guess that's part of the ceremony). The girl is escourted up to the alter by her bridesmaids and her eyes are covered by 2 leaves and then she walks around the groom and then she's supposed to fall in love the first time she opens her eyes. The priest did a great job in dramatizing it which brought a good laugh within the crowd.

So 2007 is done, but 2008 is just around the corner. Here's the list:
March 2008: Jackie & Paolo in Borocay, Philippines
June 2008: Carol & John in New York
Oct 2008: Ken & Es in Vallejo?

Congratulations to all of Big Al's newlywed friends. Remember fellas', my couch is always open when you're in the doghouse!

r u crashing all these weddings?

there is also a part of the ceremony where the groom pretends to leave and the bride's father has to run after him and BEG him to come back and marry his daughter. gotta love my misogynistic culture :)

I didn't see that part of the wedding, but I did notice that a bunch of people were hitting up the open bar before the ceremony was done. Crazy!

Big Al

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