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Friday, August 31, 2007 

Big Al witnesses a Ho finally settle down

Of all of my friends from the Santa Clara class of 2001 to get married, Annora is the first of them to not have a penis. Now that I think of it, she may be my only non-penis friend of all my friends to get married. So mark Saturday, August 18th as a Big Al First!

(Rocky and his beautiful baby girl, Annora)

This was one of my favorite weddings. This occurred for several reasons:
1. We had open bar right after the ceremony.
(Mr. Annora, Big Al, Mr. Jamie & Mr. Karen... which one of them is going out this weekend?)

2. We had a boat load of food and open bar all night at the reception.
(Dirty Al and the "Ho")

3. Rocky, Annora's Dad, had the best Father of the Bride speech ever. I can't recall the exact details, but he goes on saying that he remembered one specific night where the two were in Annora's room and they were making a lot of "noise". Awesome! If anybody has the transcript of his speech please send it over.
(Big Al and Rocky - the bestest speech writer EVER!!!)

It was great to see the Fonganator and Shirley from the days of Santa Clara again. I have one more wedding in September before I close out my 2007 wedding season. Congrats to Mike and Annora. May your lives be full of happiness and children. May the first one be named Big Al. Have a fun Labor Day weekend. Stay safe and stay off the Bay Bridge.


You could have seen that whole speech over and over again had a certain videographer been there. Thanks for the great referral!

i was wondering if this would ever be updated. finally i can sleep happily :)


I've pushed your services many times. Actually every single time foo.

Big Al

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