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Monday, August 13, 2007 

Big Al sees Frenchy talk to girls for the 1st time... in Valencia

Espana 2007 continues to Valencia. After the departure of Steve and Steve back to the USA and Kevin to Norweigia, Frenchy and Big Al continue their adventure to Valencia - a semi-large city on the Mediterranian. This city is actually pretty cool. Lots of night life in the city center, lots of stag parties (aka Bachelor Parties) and even a few strip clubs such as Sala Maxx.

(Sala Maxx - where a little more than $100 can get you "anything you want")

For those that aren't familiar with overseas strip clubs, they are not the same as those you see in the US. The typical gentleman's club here are usually to get a look at boobies hugging a stripper pole and maybe a cheap thrill in the curtained rooms. Strip clubs abroad are anything but stripping. Frenchy and I jumped in to a cab and were driven to Sala Maxx where you can get anything for 75 Euro. Luckily I was so broke that I could barely afford the 10 Euro Heineken (That's about $15 US).

(Too bad we're rated PG-13. Be sure to get the Big Al Gone Wild DVD)

We spent most of the time on the beaches where tops were completely optional. Some people were obviously thinking that they were God's gift to this world, but in reality they should have have been arrested by the bikini-police.

(Man Thongs - Big Al's choice of Valencian outerwear)

Valencia was a more popular city than I expected. I thought it was more of a pass-thru city where you spend a couple of days and then move on to other places in Spain. In reality it has a booming tourist industry where people come for a week at time and some usually spend their bachelor or bachelorette parties here.

(Julie, Patricia & Frenchy. Frenchy is getting a boner now after buying $50 in drinks for them.)

As you know, Frenchy has no game whatsoever. So I had to introduce him to our new Columbian friends - Julie and Patricia. They didn't speak much English. Frenchy must have said something because they eventually left and went to meet their boyfriends. At least I was there to witness Frenchy speaking to his first females ever (keep in mind that he also is wearing his Man-ring from his boyfriend in Pamplona).
(Valencia get's Big Al's Point of Approval. Check out the background. Notice all the guys that Frenchy attracts.)

Last stop Madrid!

let's clarify a few things since it would appear as though u got a lil too inebriated that nite.

1. those girls weren't colombian...they were mexican.
2. u bought the pitchers of the 'water of valencia' for them and yourself.
3. u drink chick drinks by choice.

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