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Monday, August 06, 2007 

Big Al's Spain adventures continue by eating Filipinos in Barcelona

So I must complete what I started last month. First off Barcelona.

(Big Al making his mark in front of Olympic Stadium - home of the 1992 Barcelona Games.)

We left Pamplona on the night of July 8th where we then spent 3 days in Barcelona. It was hard to pull Frenchy and Steve away from Pamplona because they met a couple of special friends there.

(Frenchy's boyfriend who game Frenchy a ring before we left - no lie.)

The highlights of Barcelona were the Segrada Familia and a long walking tour of the 1992 Olympic sights and a celebrity sighting of Scarlet Johanson who was filming a movie on the beach of Barcelona with Woody Allen and of course the topless beaches.

(Add Scarlette Johanson to a list of many celebrities that Big Al has encountered on his adventures - including MC Hammer and Naomi Watts.)

Barcelona is a very kick back town. We didn't get the opportunity submerse ourselves in the party of Barcelona too much, but I would rank it #4 of 4 of the cities we went to during the trip:
1. Pamplona (just because of the festival)
2. Madrid
3. Valencia
4. Barcelona
However, this isn't a fair assessment, so for all future Barcelona travelers please provide me feedback. I can only imagine how crazy the city is when FC Barcelona plays host to Real Madrid during futbol season.

(It looks like eating Filipinos in Espana is a common thing... I ate some and they were pretty good.)

Valencia and Madrid are up next. Thanks for visiting!

What about the "Black Dogs"? Nobody eats those down there? mmm mmm fingah lickin.....

I'd rather eat delicacies than get rings from guys.

do u secretly hope i'm gay...like u. wahahaha. (not that there is anything wrong w/ it mind u)


Yes. You caught me.

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