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Thursday, July 12, 2007 

Big Al runs the bulls... well.. not really

So after 2 full attempts in the city center of Pamplona, Big Al and Frenchy of www.4nyay.com failed to actually run the bulls. It wasn't for lack of an attempt as we tried. However, given that Pamplona went through it's largest population influx ever (approximately at 1 million visitors), we hardly stood a chance.
(Frenchy and Big Al getting ready for nothing)

We made an attempt on Saturday and Sunday morning, and we were met with the riot police evacuating people from the area. Thousands of people were packing the bull route every morning and they obviously couldn't have that many people in the area otherwise the bulls would have no where to run. Unfortuantely, we were one of the many sections of the run that were removed from the path.
(Pamplona Five-Oh doing their job)

We tried to make up for it that day by going to the bull ring to watch the runners challenge the little baby bulls and we ended Saturday night by watching the real professional bullfights were we saw 4 large bulls eat it.
(The lucky individuals that made it into the arena to fight with the baby bull.)

I'm obviously disappointed that we couldn't make the run. However, we weren't the only ones who couldn't make the run. Maybe in 20 years I'll come back and give it another shot.

BOOOOO!! i expected more excitement and adventure from big al and 4nyay. i am very disappointed in u boys.

I agree with Neets....BOO! I expected the two of you to make the police look the other way...like you both did in the Manila Red Light District!!

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