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Wednesday, July 18, 2007 

Big Al is putting blogging on hold


I'm putting the blogging on hold right now. I hope you all can understand. My relationship with Jo hasn't been the best lately. It looks like it's the end of the road for the both of us, so I need some time to bum around and lay in my filth until it gets out of the system. It may be a day, or a week, or a month or even years before I start blogging again. Just kidding. I promise I'll blog sooner than later, so please continue visiting.

Over the years, I've found blogging to be rather therapeutic. I used to keep my feelings to myself, but I found that talking with others whether it's in person or through the Internet has made life less stressful. For those that keep it bottled inside, give it a try... talk with somebody. Talk with your friends. It's their job to listen. However, be careful when somebody offers you advice. Make your own decisions.

Over the last few days, I've been hanging out in the gym and playing sports to relieve my anxiety. To some degree it works, but when the dust settles I'm back to square one. People say it'll get better. I've found that it gets worse. I do know that it'll get better soon.

Nobody is to blame for the breakup. I learned a lot from this. I learned a lot about myself. First, I learned that you gain weight in a relationship (I'm working on it). I also learned that hindsight is truly 20/20. I see now that I could have made more sacrifices. I could have done "this" or done "that" to make matters better. I could have been more patient. But I do think I did a pretty good job on my end, but only Jo knows that answer.

Knowing what I know now and given an opportunity to go back in time, I'd make the same choice over again. Jo is a great person. Somebody I really thought I was going to grow old with. I truly loved her. You'll never hear me say bad stuff about her because she is a wonderful person. The truth is that Jo is a very special and will make somebody happy. I'm glad that she shared her time, kindness and love with me.

For those that have been in love, it's such an indescribable feeling that can't be bought or can't be faked. Now I realize that you can't take love for granted because it can be taken away from you at a moment's notice. If you ever see Jo around, say hi to her. Ask her how's she's doing. All I ask of you is to keep it to yourself for awhile. =)

Anyways, I'll be around. Drop by my house. Give me a call. Shoot me an email. Send me an IM. Some days are better than others. Actually, some minutes are better than others. I may or may not want to go out or see you, so I hope you can understand. Thanks to everybody for all of your help. Just having somebody there to listen to me makes me feel better.

-Big Al

we are headed out to some wineries tomorrow afternoon, a couple of us ucla folk...join us if you're up to it...oh, and...ufc?

You've got a big TV and I've got a Wii and no social life - Wii Bowling anytime man...

hope to see you back blogging soon.


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