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Friday, July 13, 2007 

Big Al celebrates his 250th post with Bull... sh!t

The BigAlsHouse.com is proud to have made it's 250th posting today, most of which came in the last 18 months. We'd like to thank all of daily visitors for making this place their virtual happy home.

(Big Al participates in Running of the Cows... a little known event during the party madness of Pamplona.)

So despite my disappointment in not actually running with the bulls in Pamplona, it was an amazing sight to see over 1 million people congregate in this little town. People were partying, drinking, dancing and yelling at all hours of the night. I have never seen a party like this, nor do I have a desire to do so again. There were so many people that there were not enough hotel rooms, so most people slept in their cars or camped out in the parks in city.
("No time to sleep. Must party!")

(The partying only stops when you have to go #1 or #2... which usually happens on the streets.)

More updates from Spain to come including Big Al's adventures in Barcelona & and the nude beaches of Valencia. Be sure to drop by www.4nyay.com for more updates.

(The bullfight aftermath)