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Thursday, June 28, 2007 

Big Al predicts a big mistake by the Trailblazers

(Mr. Durant you have my #1 pick this year. I hope Portland listens.)

Today is a big day for many NBA franchises - Draft Day! Going back into Golden State Warrior history we've accomplished a lot on this day. Some notable Warrior selections:
Latrell Spreewell - "Choke"gate Scandel
Gilbert Arenas - "Thank you Golden State for making me a star! See ya!"
Anfernee Hardaway - "Thank you Golden State for not keeping me! See ya!"
Adonal Foyle - "I'm getting paid how much to sit the bench? Where do I sign?"
Joe Smith - "Yes, I am the future! Now let me screw both the Warriors and the T-Wolves."

We've made some great picks and we should have several Championships by now. Unfortunately, for one thing or another the Golden State Syndrome doesn't allow our players to get us a Ring.

Today the Portland Trailblazers have the #1 selection in the draft. The rumor mill has them selecting Greg Oden from THE Ohio State University. Bad call! Think Sam Bowie now. If I had the choice, I would go with the teenager from THE University of Texas - Kevin Durant.

Many people believe that this is a very special draft - something like the 2003 Draft with Lebron, Carmelo and Dwayne. I'm not going to go that far and say that. I really haven't seen anybody spectacular since Dwayne Wade out of Marquette. Oden and Durant are two very capable players that can do very good things for whomever selects them. However, something is telling me that Portland's Oden pick won't be the right one.