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Saturday, June 09, 2007 

Big Al gets ID thefted

Last week Big Al became a soon-to-be popular US statistic - ID theft.

Do you remember those credit card commercials where they have this old lady, but with a voice of some young kid. I can't remember which card company it was, but they were portraying ID theft. This week my WaMu debit card was hit 3 times in a matter of a few minutes in some place in China. Luckily their fraud detection unit was in place to stop it but the damage had already been done. I lost about $1500 with about 80% of still in investigation. I luckily had some emergency cash lying around otherwise the mortgage payment would not have been made.

I've been checking with WaMu every few days and they said that my replacement card should be here shortly and my provisional credit should clear soon. Until then I'm limping around.

watch ur amex card in the coming week...

it was a citigroup commercial.

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