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Tuesday, June 12, 2007 

Big Al Can't Touch This

So I'm driving around Fremont going to Jo's place and I come across this sign:
(Stop! Big Al Time!)

Jo mentioned a while back that Hammer used to live in that area of Fremont near the Stop sign... before he blew his money on fancy cars and strippers. Anyways, I did a little spying via Google Maps and found his old crib:
(Google Maps - Instant Spy in a Box tool)

In front of his private driveway there's a gate. It used to have the name "Hammer" on it, but the new owner has since removed it. This place is pretty cool - huge house, huge driveway and swimming pool with private cove. I guess wearing parachute pants and remixing old beats got you pretty far.
(Oh how the mighty have fallen! Photo courtesy of 4nyay's Rainbow Photography, Inc.)

i actually dropped the rainbow part of my photography stuff since ppl were thinking i was gay...not that there is anything wrong with it. just to avoid the confusion...yadidimean?

a Haiku in honor of your most cool Vegas Hammer picture post:

My my my music
Hits me so hard makes me say
Oh my Lord, thank you

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