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Tuesday, May 29, 2007 

Big Al wishes Soldier Steve a safe journey to the iRAQ

(A Big Al thanks to all of those who are protecting our Freedom!)

Big Al spent the Memorial Day weekend hanging out with Soldier Steve. Soldier Steve is about to embark on a 1 year journey to iRAQ for his second tour. Saturday night was spent playing golf, watching the UFC fight at Eric & Tanya's place, and then partying in San Francisco. About 15-20 people showed up for these events to party with Soldier Steve before 2008.

(Open wide Soldier Steve. Expect some more of that in iRAQ)

Sunday was spent at Soldier Steve's house for a family BBQ. There was a bunch of Filipino food, old high school friends and even a friendly visit by the Vallejo Fire Department.

(Damn... Big Al is a little unfocused.)

Big Al wishes a safe trip to Soldier Steve and a quick return from iRAQ. Remember it's going to be a sausage-fest out there so don't drop the soap. Go find them weapons of mass destruction!

is the update mechanism broken or some shit like that?

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