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Thursday, May 24, 2007 

Big Al goes to his first 2007 Giant's game

(Big Al showcasing his skills for the Giant's scouts. I think I broke 55mph.)

So Soldier Steve has arrived in the Bay Area to spend his last week with his friends and family. Wednesday's event was a visit to Pac Bell... er... SBC... er... AT&T Park in frigid San Francisco, CA. The Giant's and Barry Zito destroyed the Houston Astros 9-1. I was able to hang out with my old high school friends and Steve's family.

(SP-SV 97: VJ, Chris, Joe, Steve & Big Al)

We'll continue with several events this weekend - partying at Duplex in SF, 18 holes in Oakland and the grand gala BBQ in Vallejo. If you want to join me, just give me a call.

(Steve's cousin, Tanya, Ailene & Chris hanging out with the Bleacher Bums)