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Sunday, May 27, 2007 

Big Al's friend Soldier Steve goes Reno 911 on the person

I was on my way back to my truck in Oakland after a night of partying when a Denali side-swipped the side of Brandon's car. Brandon, Soldier Steve and I were waiting for a red-light to turn green when the truck decided to make our lane - it's lane. I was in a dumb state of shock for several minutes, but Soldier Steve (who's also an off-duty CHP officer) jumped out the car and went ballistic on the guy that hit us. Had he not, the guy may have driven off. Steve gets out of the car and orders this guy to pull over and stop driving. I'm still stuck in the back of the car in a fetal position trying to count all of my fingers and toes to make sure they're still there. I give him a lot of credit for staying focused because I wasn't. Brandon and the driver exchanged information and we were on our way to the BBQ.
(The evidence)

I'll provide the Soldier Steve send off blog and pics soon.