Tuesday, May 29, 2007 

Big Al wishes Soldier Steve a safe journey to the iRAQ

(A Big Al thanks to all of those who are protecting our Freedom!)

Big Al spent the Memorial Day weekend hanging out with Soldier Steve. Soldier Steve is about to embark on a 1 year journey to iRAQ for his second tour. Saturday night was spent playing golf, watching the UFC fight at Eric & Tanya's place, and then partying in San Francisco. About 15-20 people showed up for these events to party with Soldier Steve before 2008.

(Open wide Soldier Steve. Expect some more of that in iRAQ)

Sunday was spent at Soldier Steve's house for a family BBQ. There was a bunch of Filipino food, old high school friends and even a friendly visit by the Vallejo Fire Department.

(Damn... Big Al is a little unfocused.)

Big Al wishes a safe trip to Soldier Steve and a quick return from iRAQ. Remember it's going to be a sausage-fest out there so don't drop the soap. Go find them weapons of mass destruction!

Sunday, May 27, 2007 

Big Al's friend Soldier Steve goes Reno 911 on the person

I was on my way back to my truck in Oakland after a night of partying when a Denali side-swipped the side of Brandon's car. Brandon, Soldier Steve and I were waiting for a red-light to turn green when the truck decided to make our lane - it's lane. I was in a dumb state of shock for several minutes, but Soldier Steve (who's also an off-duty CHP officer) jumped out the car and went ballistic on the guy that hit us. Had he not, the guy may have driven off. Steve gets out of the car and orders this guy to pull over and stop driving. I'm still stuck in the back of the car in a fetal position trying to count all of my fingers and toes to make sure they're still there. I give him a lot of credit for staying focused because I wasn't. Brandon and the driver exchanged information and we were on our way to the BBQ.
(The evidence)

I'll provide the Soldier Steve send off blog and pics soon.

Thursday, May 24, 2007 

Big Al goes to his first 2007 Giant's game

(Big Al showcasing his skills for the Giant's scouts. I think I broke 55mph.)

So Soldier Steve has arrived in the Bay Area to spend his last week with his friends and family. Wednesday's event was a visit to Pac Bell... er... SBC... er... AT&T Park in frigid San Francisco, CA. The Giant's and Barry Zito destroyed the Houston Astros 9-1. I was able to hang out with my old high school friends and Steve's family.

(SP-SV 97: VJ, Chris, Joe, Steve & Big Al)

We'll continue with several events this weekend - partying at Duplex in SF, 18 holes in Oakland and the grand gala BBQ in Vallejo. If you want to join me, just give me a call.

(Steve's cousin, Tanya, Ailene & Chris hanging out with the Bleacher Bums)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007 

Big Al says don't hurt Bitches!

So Jo told me that her dog, Tres, got stabbed on Monday night. Jo's mom left Tres out to run in their front yard. It's gated, but I guess some random person who hates dogs took a sharp object and stabbed Tres in the head. Tres stayed overnight at the vet, but she's okay.

(Don't hurt me!)

Tres is a pretty cool dog. She's a pit bull mix. Jo's sister is a vet and trained Tres really well. She has a bunch of tricks - sit, lie down, shake, heel and bark. She's also pretty good at catching tennis balls.

It sucks that a person would actually go up to a gate and assault a dog. Because of the gate Tres wasn't in a position where she could have hurt anybody, so it was a random act of violence. You suck you dog hater!!!

Friday, May 18, 2007 

Big Al and the Big Green Monster

Barring anything bad (I just jinxed it) I'll go and see Shrek The 3rd tonight. If it's half as good as Shrek 2, I'll be happy. "It's a thong!" is one of the best lines in movie history. Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007 

Big Al does well with soft balls

So I'm 3 games into my softball season and I'm on a tear. I'm probably going to jinx it now, but check out my stats:
(It feels good to be "Hot")

I probably would have more doubles than singles, but I tend to sit in the batter's box and admire my hits before I actually start to run to first base. That fact also reduces my slugging percentage.

(Big Al hitting the ball 500 feet... foul)

My defense is alright. I just have problems throwing. I play on Tuesdays or Wednesdays in Sunnyvale. Front row seats to all of Big Al's guests.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007 

Big Al goes bowling

Big Al managed to hang out with Ben on his last day before he returned to Portland at Milpitas Lanes.

(Big Al and Ben flexin' it!)

A few notes about Ben... I became friends with him Freshman year. One of the most memorable things was when our group of friends took a trip to Los Angeles. We spent a few days at Magic Mountain and Universal Studios. However, one night we all invited some entertainment to our hotel room. Ben gladly decided to celebrate his pseudo-birthday. Big mistake! Before you knew it he was naked on the floor for everybody to see. To this day he still hears about it.

(At least it ain't blue balls)

Sunday, May 13, 2007 

Big Al goes to the Lin family wedding... sorta

One topic that I have censored has been some relationship details between Joleen and I. It's no secret to most of my friends that Jo and I fight regularly. I can't say it's her fault or my fault. The bottom line is that we bicker and we bicker a lot. So moving forward in my blog, I'll slowly release the censorship of our relationship and put as much detail as I can online.

(Q and Big Al hanging out during the reception. I was always double-fisted))

Anyways, so Jo and I went to Quincy and Jaime's wedding this weekend. We started out the weekend at Santa Clara University's Mission Church where 250+ guests packed the hall to see our beloved couple tie the knot. It was a great ceremony until Quincy tried to kiss Jaime. Hilarious!

(Poor Big Al can only sport Hugo while $$$ Yang only rolls in the Armani)

We then ventured off to The Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay for the reception. It was great from the start. We had valet parking and open bar to start it off. It was at this point that things got a little fuzzy as Jo and I moved into DefCon 1 and we conducted a meeting during the reception. I do remember a few things that were wedding-related such as the speeches, the bouquet toss and the garter toss, but most of it was blurred images and words that went in one ear and out the other.

(I give credit to Q. Always paying attention to the details. Thanks! This really made my day!)

Congratulations to Quincy and Jaime! I wish you many years of happiness and many kids! Hopefully you'll name the first one "Big Al".

Saturday, May 12, 2007 

Big Al's SF Adventures

(The sweet nectar of Murphy's Pub)

It's always great to take random trips to San Francisco. Tonight I hung out with Jo, Jo's friend, VJ & Joe at Murphy's Pub to watch the Warriors beat the Utah Jazz. Go Warriors!

(The ambiguously gay duo in Bloomy's)

After the game we were on a quest to find cream puffs. The elusive puffs were difficult at first. The Mission Street Beard Papa's closed an hour too early. Bloomingdale's - our gateway to the San Francisco Center closed as we were entering so we had no access to the mall area.
(Hanging out with the fam!)

After 3 elevator rides, 4 escalator rides, one trip through the movie theater & endless meandering through the mall we found our pastries.

(It's so worth the $2.50)

Sunday, May 06, 2007 

Big Al celebrates the 1st time

Awww.. we all remember the first time. This Sunday Big Al joined the Jucoja.com crew in celebrating Gracelyn's 1st birthday. We hung out with the SCU and the UCLA folks at Kelley Park in San Jose. Hopefully she likes her Giant's jumper. It's in Judd's favorite color - pink.

(SCU 2001 - Carmichael, Levato & Big Al)

(Learning the post at the early age of 1)

Saturday, May 05, 2007 

Big Al doesn't have much to say

(Big Al with Ellie and the other trainer dude)

Reality has set in now that I've been back in town for 1 week. I don't have much news to post immediately. I've been really tired this week. I received a cd-rom from the company that took me on the zip line in Costa Rica. Here are a few pictures.

(Big Al risking his life in the rainforests of Costa Rica)

Also a Happy 1st Birthday to Gracelynn Jacobs.