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Sunday, April 15, 2007 

Big Al's Friend Bites The Dust

(Big Al & Rey at the Money Dance)

Wedding season 2007 has begun. I attended my first wedding of the year with Jo this weekend. We celebrated Rey & Karen's long awaited marriage in Santa Clara with the reception in Redwood City.
(Can't leave the wedding without the Pose - Steve, Quincy, Toan, Ito, Rey, Karl & Big Al)

I've been to probably half a dozen weddings in my adult life and it still amazes me that each one is special and unique and fun. This wedding was truly all Karen's (I'm happy that Rey was able to participate). From the moment that she walked into the church until the cutting of the cake it was her special day. I'm so happy to finally celebrate their wedding. I still remember the first time Rey mentioned that he had a girlfriend in 1997. I really thought this girlfriend that he referred to was an imaginary friend. It must have been at least 2-3 years before we were graced with Karen's presence amongst our SCU family.

(Big Al and A. Ho... your day is coming up!)

Rey & Karen - I wish you all the best. Many more years of happiness! (Remember "Big Al" is a great name for your first child).

(Holly, Karen, Jo & Jaime getting a little krazy... and red too)

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