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Friday, April 20, 2007 

Big Al has a hard time posting in Costa Rica

Dear Fans of BigAlsHouse.com,

We are experiencing many problems in updating the website. Because we are in the remote town of Manuel Antonio there is very slow Internet access. We are forced to go into the city of Quepos to make any updates - which is very difficult given that we have to take a bus into the town.

We had a major update ready to load for the day, but because of severe blackouts they were erased.

The last couple of days have been interesting. In addition to 2 nationwide blackouts, we blew chunks off the side of the boat during a SCUBA dive (b/c of seasickness) and we got the mother of all sunburns which is quite rare given that Big Al's natural SPF of 100 usually allows him to avoid those problems.

We'll post pictures soon, but we did manage to update the Picasa Web Album. See the below post or right-hand side of the homepage for the actual link. Ciao!

lotta dude pictures...i'm getting worried & maybe u shouldn't go to spain.

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