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Saturday, April 21, 2007 

Big Al rides shotgun on his way to San Jose... Costa Rica

It looks like blackouts are a pretty common thing here in Costa Rica. Over the last 6 days, I have gone through 2 nationwide blackouts of 5+ hours. It wouldn't be too bad, but I'm a pretty air conditioning needy person. So if you're ever planning to travel this way, always carry a flashlight.
(A night at the BambooJam. Damn you hippie children! You're old!)

I spent Friday night at the BambooJam. I was thinking it was going to be a pretty cool club with folks celebrating 420, but it was the complete opposite. Mostly old folks trying to relive their 20's. Money can't buy you youth sucka's!
(Air Force 1 awaits Big Al)

I took a 20 minute flight from Quepos to San Jose (CR) airport for my trip to Peru. They have a pretty small airport in Quepos. One that doesn't have any metal detectors or people guarding the runway. I boarded this really small prop plane where I sat right behind the pilots. It wasn't as scary as flying in a Cessna, but it was cool nonetheless.
(I sat shotgun just in case they needed me. I used to play a lot of Flight Simulator as a kid.)

I'm waiting in the airport right now for my Peru flight. My Slingbox isn't working as well as I would hope it would because my connection is a little dodgy. I'll update you once I get to Peru!

(For Frenchy - one of the chicks that I went SCUBA with. She's from SLO. I forgot her name. This was the trip that I blew chunks. And NO, the guy's name is not "Chunks").