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Wednesday, April 18, 2007 

Big Al finds 4nyay's Man Crush and other Costa Rican randomness

Greetings from Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica!

(Ariane of Canada, Veronica of Canada, Alex of NY & Rares of Romania)

The last few days have been pretty exciting. I have been fortunate to lay on the beach, swim in the Pacific in the middle of the night, go canopy tree cabling riding in the rainforest, hike Manuel Antonio National Park, more beach stuff and see monkeys, iguanas, sloths, parrots and other cool bugs.
(My office for the last few days)

My week started out at the evil Hotel Costa Linda. This is the same place where I lost my shorts, got locked out of my room (which I later broke into) and almost suffered heat stroke after the power and my electric fan went out. I happily moved to the Vela Bar Hotel next door. However, my friends weren't so lucky. They were robbed in the middle of the night of their cameras and cash.
(To be in the next Psycho film)

The best thing so far was that I was able to find 4nyay's soul mate - Mama Playa of San Jose. She's the transexual mother of 4 dogs which she carries around in her carriage. I tried to get her number for Frenchy, but I couldn't understand her language.
(The future Mrs. 4nyay with his adopted children)

I'm going Scuba diving on Thursday, more beach stuff on Friday and traveling to Peru on Saturday. Ciao!

For more pictures: click here

wow...that tranny stuff seems to be your style of choice nowadays. that's 2 documented evenings you've spent w/ she-men. one in thailand (with like a dozen) and one in costa rica. let's not forget how much time you spent in the bi section at the AVN convention. that was called the GayVN area. remember when u met dude there & u said u were bi-curious & he was like, i'm try-curious. u guys weirded me out there for a minute, but i'm glad u guys hit it off.


wow...13 pics of shedude? i always knew you were bi-curious. not that there is anything wrong with it.

I see that you spent over an hour between your 1st and 2nd comment. Oogling over the 13 pictures. I'll be back in San Jose tomorrow. I'll give him/her your phone number. Expect a call foo!

u got shme's fone number? cukoo. cukoo.

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