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Tuesday, April 24, 2007 

Big Al conquers Macchu Picchu

(Conquering the world one wonder at a time)

I can finally cross off a few things off of my list:
1. Visit the continent of South America
2. Visit Macchu Picchu
3. Eat Guinea Pig

The pictures that you see of Macchu Picchu do not do it justice. It's a pretty breath taking site. I recommend for all you world travellers.
(A little dicking around Macchu Picchu - click on the picture to read the sign)

After a 4 hour train journey from Cuzco, Jo and I hiked up to the Macchu Picchu area and took in all its glory. Macchu Picchu is an Incan town that was situated high atop a mountain in order to avoid erosion, avoid landslides and protect it from would-be conquerors. An American by the name of Hiram Bingham discovered this place while looking for another lost city that the Spanish conquered.

(Guinea Pig - imagine eating Porky Pig but at the size of Mickey Mouse)

After spending several hours checking out the site and taking numerous pictures, Jo and I spent the evening in Aguas Caliente. The people are so nice there. It looks like crime isn't an issue as most children are running around the town in the middle of the night without parental supervision. We also sampled a Peruvian dish - Cuy. Cuy is guinea pig. It was pretty tasty, but the lack of meat doesn't sit too well on Big Al's favorite dishes.

You can check out up to date pictures here. That's it for now! Ciao!