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Thursday, April 26, 2007 

Big Al checks out the Sacred Valley

So my Peruvian adventure is coming to an end. I'm leaving Cuzco on Friday for Lima and then heading back home on Saturday. However, a trip to Cuzco wouldn't be complete without the 11 hour tour of the Sacred Valley.
(Getting a quick pic before being yelled at by the caretakers of the Incan ruins).

The day started out with Jo and I waking up about 5 minutes before our bus is supposed to pick us up. The hotel forgot to give us a wake up call. We then proceeded on the unexpected all day tour. We thought we were going to be on the bus 5-6 hours max, but we got f'd over.
(Big Al tries to measure up with the Incans)

The tour was pretty cool. We saw a bunch of rocks, ruins, got yelled at for walking all over the sacred sites, got stuck in a mini hail storm and did a bunch of hiking. The tour is a definite must when you visit here. I'll see if I can update before I leave. Until then.. ciao!

what's that between your legs in the last picture?

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