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Tuesday, March 20, 2007 

Big Al's luck of the Irish

(Quincy celebrates his last few weeks of bachelor-hood while his fiance is out at her bachelorette party in SF)

The BigAlsHouse.com crew went out and partied in downtown San Jose to celebrate St. Pat's night and Thomas' last night on da' Mainland. We went to O'Callaghan's and braved the long lines of the South Bay crowd. I hooked up with VJ, Quincy, Thomas, Neetha, Ted & Leslie. After the Irish pub scene we crawled back to the Japantown Karaoke Bar and then Burritos before I crashed out.

(Thomas getting acquainted with Neets)

(The "Thizz" Bus. This little yellow school bus was full of people and it had the word "Thizz" on the back door)

(VJ thought he was funny)

damn...the thizz bus, huh? did u hop on & get dummy retarded & ride the yellow bus? have u seen fab's? i think he's got 24's or 26's on. yadidimean?


good times had by all....i think!! too bad the end of the night is a lil fuzzy for me :(

This is first time ever heard of da' bus. I thought Dru Down was an innovator with the ice cream truck. Now the little yellow school bus. I want to see a fire truck on 26's. "Da' Roof, Da' Roof, Da' Roof is on fire!"

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