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Monday, March 05, 2007 

Big Al wants to know if you're "OK"?

I was on my way to Vallejo for the weekend to do my taxes. Coincidentally, my family had a little get together that same weekend so they asked me if I could pick up Grandpa in San Francisco. Knowing that it wasn't too far out of the way, I said yes.

Grandpa is a unique character. He was born in September 1912. He'll be celebrating this 95th birthday this year. He's quite healthy and has a zest for life. He lives in San Francisco by himself in a senior citizen's apartment complex. He'll get together with the rest of the family on certain occasions like birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and in this case a Rosary. For the last few years, he would do the San Francisco to Vallejo journey by himself through the use of public transporation - bus, then BART, then several more buses until he reaches one of his kid's homes. Because of his age now one of his grandchildren will pick him up.

I say Grandpa is a unique character for several reasons. He's physically strong and not one to submit to assistance. His wife, my grandmother, passed away in 1988. Since then he has 3 girlfriends (2 of whom are now deceased). His current girlfriend (we'll call her "grandma" here for citation purposes) tagged along for the ride to Vallejo over the weekend. Grandma acts like his wife of many years. She nagged him quite often while we were on our way to Vallejo. Grandpa just ignored her like any husband would.

As we were crossing the Bay Bridge, Grandpa realized that he forgot his wallet. I was wondering why he would need a wallet as he wouldn't be going anywhere but a relative's house, but he kindly requested that I go back for it. Despite my intentions of getting to Vallejo as quickly as possible, I went ahead and followed his request. The detour took almost an hour due to San Francisco weekend traffic. Right after he exited my truck to retrieve his wallet, Grandma mentioned that Grandpa is getting really forgetful. She said, "he won't admit it, but he's forgetting a lot of things now". It was sad, but true realization that our mental abilities will fade as we reach an older age. However, I did think it was funny that Grandma took the time to point it out. I responded by telling her that she needs to be with him and help him out.

Another quirky thing that I observed while hanging out at the senior citizen's center was that they need to tell the front desk how long they will be leaving. I asked Grandpa and Grandma about this. They said that it is important to tell them this because every morning the maintenance staff leaves an "I'm OK" tag on their doorknob. Each of the residents is supposed to remove the tag as soon as they wake up. I didn't want to go into much detail with them, but I'm sure you can figure out the reasons why one would not remove the "I'm OK" tag on a particular morning. Otherwise, their only alerting method would be to wait for a pungent smell that would come out of the room.

awww. gpa is cute!

the "i'm ok" sign should actually read "please come pick up my body" kinda creepy.

p.s. you're cute.

Sharka -
I hope you're a girl, otherwise please forward any male-to-male inquiries to 4nyay.com.

hmm...that's odd. please don't get me entagled in ur web of male-on-male intimacy. please do send girls to 4nyay.com though.

-frenchy...he's more than OK.

papang is a boss

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