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Friday, March 23, 2007 

Big Al gets a little Sweet with the college kids

(SCU alum Loren hangs out with Jo. Thanks for hooking it up with the tix!)

Big Al and Jo took a trip back to college via the NCAA Sweet 16 in the San Jose Dawg House Arena. I've done the two back-to-back college games before with a few trips to the Pete Newell Challenge in 01 and 02, but this was different - this was the playoffs BABY!!!

(Jo and Big Al. Photo taken by a dude that looked like John Locke from Lost. Notice I'm wearing UCLA undershirt.)

We both cut work early and arrived at the Arena just after 4:00pm - we just missed the opening tip off of #1 Kansas vs. #4 So. Illinois. This was the better game of the two where Kansas came out on top. It did come down to a final half-court shot by the Salukis. #2 UCLA vs. #3 Pittsburgh was next, but it wasn't much of a game as the Fruins dominated the Panthers. The energy inside of the stadium was awesome. College kids everywhere dressing up in their colors and doing their chants makes me a little jealous that I didn't go to a bigger sports school - but SCU does have Women's Soccer! We'll be back on Saturday with the rest of the crew.

(The view of the game from out seats. It was hard to see the cheerleaders.)

yea, as you said, they should have a channel SOLELY of the cheerleaders. HOT! p.s. you should try out for cheerleading your moves will def. get you in. shake that ass bigal!

final four baby!! go bruins :)

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