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Wednesday, March 14, 2007 

Big Al and 4nyay meet their online fans

(Korea's infamous star of To Catch a Predator)

Last night was a meet and greet session for the staffs of BigAlsHouse.com and 4nyay.com with their online fans. We did a little boozing at Tied House and Molly McGee's in Mountain View, CA. Make sure you come out to the next Meet and Greet - sometime in May 2007.

(Big Bad Billy was there. Where wuz Manders & da' Juddanator at?)

(Strike a pose with Neetha, Big Al & Shaunte)

meet & greet was determined to be a success. hopefully it only grows from here on out.


if a success means closing the bar out and being cracked out at work the next day...then YES the night was a success. y is it that when 4nyay is involved, more alcohol consumption than planned occurs?

it was not intended, but not unwelcomed. success!


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