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Friday, February 16, 2007 

Big Als 200'th Post

So this hasn't been the most spectacular week for Big Al news. I was hoping for something cool to post on this 200th post milestone. Maybe I should pull my website down more often just to get some traction on the website. I hope everybody has a good 3 day weekend!

We do thank all of the BigAlsHouse.com viewers for tuning in every few days. 200 down and many more to go!

The BigAlsHouse.com Staff

congratulations on your 200th post. you do realize that in any other number base you ain't shit, though. RIGHT?! 200 in base 13 ain't even. that shit don't round. that ain't nothin to celebrate.

base 10 propeganda sickens me.

i fuck 8 hos, then i fuck 6 more.

shiiiit...i got 10 hos for each of my 10 toes.

I can count so count on me! Big Al for President beeeyaaattchhh!

was it the 200th & last? just wondering, u know.


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