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Monday, February 05, 2007 

Big Al says Crack Kills

Just a little note on the past weekend. I hung out with Jo on Friday night and went to the E&O Trading Company. It tasted and felt like Straights Cafe Santana Row - just as bouschey and just as expensive.

On Saturday I went home to Vallejo to hang out with the guys on the golf course. I sunk a 60 yard chip shot for birdie. The overall result was a 103 - not bad for the first day out of the season. I also went to Christie's party on my street. Here's a picture of what everybody missed:

On Sunday, Jo and I went to Steve-o's place in Foster City. We were able to see all the old SCU folks: Ito, Emily, Toan and the big surprise - Ben Yang. The actual game and commercials sucked. 7 more months until the NFL season begins!

hey...i was at the party and i don't remember seeing that shot! i must have been distracted by the nonstop porn on tv....gotta love it when a girl is giving a BJ to a strap on...seriously, what's the point!?

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