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Friday, January 19, 2007 

Big Al's Rant: Wireless Headsets in Public

I figure I need to do more ranting on my blog rather than just tell things as they are. Frenchy's comments in my previous post bring up a good point about how so many people are walking around with their wireless headsets in their ear 24x7. I can understand if you're in your car driving, competing in the Jucoja.com Burrito Counter or pleasuring yourself, but c'mon... you're not that important to have that piece in your ear canal all the time.

I will give one other exception to this: the High School student. Yes, Mr. Cool High School Guy you are the most important person on the planet and you have my permission to wear your Bluetooth earpiece whenever and wherever you want. I understand that you need to juggle your Trig homework or your Physics cram sessions along with your Prom date, football game and volunteer work. It would be inhumane if weren't allowed to do. Plus all the girls will think you're so much cooler - like Ferris Bueller.

For everybody else... don't do it! Or just do what I do.

oh man that pic is soooooooo last millenium. let's get w/ the times yo.

-4nyay - living in the now - whoa!

rants are kewl...keep it up...

Yeah.. the picture is old, but it didn't apply to me until last week.

Big Al

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