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Thursday, January 18, 2007 

Big Al's New Toy

(Big Al's new toy - Motorola MPx220)

So the news front has been rather slow lately. So in order to keep my fans interested, I went out and purchased a new phone on EBay so I can communicate with you and I can have something to talk about on my blog. The Motorola MPx220 actually came out in mid 2005, but it looks like the former owner never used it. It was still wrapped in its original plastic with all the protective adhesives that are used to scratch protect the more delicate parts. So the $75 I paid for a new phone was a steal.

(The O2 Atom - soon to be on EBay so somebody else can suffer)

I had to replace my O2 Atom. I bought it use from a Thailand swap meet in May 2006 and it went to sh!t slowly thereafter. It was obviously used when I bought it and it may have been stolen, but I felt that I need a piece of Asian technology before I left the "Land of a Thousand Smiles". The problems first started to occur when the battery charger didn't charge the battery unless it was placed in a certain angle. This eventually led to me using an external chrager - meaning that I had to forward all of my phone calls to my house phone and remove the battery to place in the external charger. I tried to overcome the phone forwarding problem by buying a 2nd battery, but it too had problems charging. Next, the battery door started to fall apart. Then I tried having it fixed in the Philippines and they broke the infrared thing and they never really put it back together correctly so my stylus would fall out from time-to-time. The bluetooth reception wasn't very clear nor loud enough for me. Lastly, everybody that I spoke to always complained about the unusual amounts of static in the background when they spoke with me.

So I finally fixed this problem. I hope you learn that it isn't wise to buy a phone from overseas from a company that has no US presence. Hopefully it'll bridge the gap until I can get the Apple iPhone.

america's phone market blows. over here u get a free backup battery w/ each phone purchase. also the chargers are universal for all phone companies, so u don't have to buy new equipment w/ each phone.

btw...big al, don't be that asshole with the ear piece i see at the airports.

update the site already yo.

btw...comment still broken :( ditch blogspot already. it blooooooooows.

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