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Monday, January 29, 2007 

Big Al's Celebrity Sightings

Sometimes you get that weird feeling that things aren't just right. You may have the bothersome anxiety that you forgot to turn off the stove or somebody may be following you to your car. In my case, neither of these happened, but at the baggage carousel at San Francisco International Airport on Friday night you could feel a buzz. I guess it started out as a whisper from one passenger to another then a few finger points and then a flash of the phone camera and before you knew it people knew that there was a Higher Being amongst us. In this case, I was blessed with the company of Matt Dillon of Something About Mary fame. Yeah, it wasn't exactly somebody powerful like George W. Bush or sexy like Posh Spice but it filled my celebrity fix for the year.So I'm waiting for my friend's luggage and one person tells me to look at this one guy. At first I didn't recognize him. It wasn't until he told me who he was that it clicked. Apparently somebody took a picture of him and Dillon got a little pissy. I took a picture of him from pretty far away and he happened to notice and gave me the evil eye stare. I should have shown him my BigAlsHouse.com credentials.

(The crappy zoom shot with the 1.3 MP camera. Dillon is in the black shirt and baseball cap)

I realized two things this evening:
1. celebrities sometimes fly commercial
2. part of a celebrity's job is to be more cordial to their fans and be happy to take pictures and shake their hands.

You would think that it's the little people like us who make Dillon who he is. We're the ones who watch his movies and buy his DVDs. He should openly embrace a picture and even proactively shake people's hands. I understand that you need your privacy, but it's not like we're ripping your clothes off - it's the price you pay for being a celebrity and making those millions.

shoots...even prince charles flew commercial from england earlier this week.

also, i disagree with what u think a celebrities job description is. sometimes celebrities need a day off too. they can't work & do meet & greets 24/7. it's not like he was going to the airport for a press conference.

as for athletes...if they're real athletes & train real hard, the last thing they want is to have you stop them on their way home to eat, sleep, and/or fuck. they entertained u enough at the game.

They're entertainers! Their job is to make people feel better as they live out their shitty lives.

I agree big a...a lot of the reasons celebrities have the money and fame they have is cuz of the lil ppl...the fans that support them and buy their crap!! they need to show a lil appreciation. matt dillon however, was probably an ass cuz he's on his way to has been land!

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