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Monday, January 15, 2007 

Big Al Welcomes Lester to Club 28

(Lester posing in front of his birthday ice cream)

On Saturday I went to Sushi with Lester and his friends & family to celebrate his 28th Birthday. Most of them went to the Cache Creek Indian Casino prior to dinner, but I wasn't able to attend just because I didn't feel like giving away the remaining cash that I have left to them. Lester's Mom was cool enough to pay for all of our dinners. Until next time! Ciao!

(So many babies! There must have been at least 3 with 1 more on the way.)

(Mommy Venessa & Pharmacist Michelle (SP-SV97))

your comments are still messed up...also, when does v3 drop?; i am excited to see the new format for '07!

yeah man...i tolds you the comments were jacked. also, ruckus has a good point. what's up w/ v3?

I see your comments so I don't understand how they are messed up.

My intent was to BAH V3 rolled out as one thing. However, you've been seeing bits & pieces of BAH V3 over the last few weeks such as my homepage instant messenger and RSS feeds. The next big thing would be for me to change the skin of my homepage.

Test comment for the "comment-challenged" people.

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