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Wednesday, January 10, 2007 

Big Al Wants You To Run... with the bulls

BigAlsHouse.com, in cooperation with 4nyay-The People's Champ, have a tentative agreement to visit Pamplona, Spain in July 2007.

~July 4-14 (exact length of trip is to be determined)
The festival launches into action each year on July 6 and continues with relentless energy until July 14. They do the bull runs everyday @ 8am for 830meters to the bullring, where bullfights follow.

The small and otherwise laid-back city of Pamplona is home to the internationally famous festival of Los Sanfermines and its chaotic Running of the Bulls. We expect to fly to Barcelona (easier) or Madrid and spend a few days there & then take a train to pamplona.

Bring your white outfit with the red scarf (We're looking into subsidized BigAlsHouse.com gear). Los sanfermines kick into gear on July 6 with the txupinazo, when a rocket blasts off in front of the city hall to announce fiesta's commencement. This moment of deafening cheers and uncorked champagne bottles certainly sets the tone of the week, as the city dives headfirst into a week a crazed festivities. The chaotic running of the bulls, or el encierro, is the most characteristic and internationally renowned part of the sanfermines. The running of the bulls takes place everyday at eight in the morning and consists of a crowd of primarily young men who run ahead of the clamoring bulls through an 830-meter stretch of cobbled road and into the city´s bullring.After each morning is greeted with the daily Running of the Bulls, bullfights liven up each afternoon, and parades featuring bands of music and enormous giants constantly wind through the streets. On July 7th, a procession dating back to the 13th century boasts music and enormous crowds as it passes through Pamplona in honor of San Fermín.

Every party must come to an end, and in the case of los sanfermines that inevitable moment is called the pobre de mí. The crowd laments the end of another year's festivities with the traditional song the pobre de mí, literally meaning "poor me."

Several people have confirmations for this. I hope everybody can make it!

i'll be updating this particular page http://www.4nyay.com/4nyay_Runs_the_Bulls_in_Pam.html

under the picture of me, i will create a list of who is in. in the coming week i hope to set up some sort of budgetary thing, but most all of my spain info is in the states & i won't be home til march. i'll work something out though.

well big al, it was easy for you to copy/paste my hard work & make it a new entry on ur site in no time at all. (not that i mind this time so we can recruit more ppl).

for original stories, it takes more time to write it & research it. it now makes me wonder how much of bigalshouse.com version 2 is actually authentic big al. i thought i'd bring the bickering here instead of www.jucoja.com. wahahahaha

Foo! I linked you. Don't be claiming this copy/paste stuff.

B to the A

um...is this site ever gonna be like updated or something?

-4nyay - king of this internet shit

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