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Monday, January 22, 2007 

Big Al ditches the hops and barley for some grapes

(Andrew, Steve, Natalie & Neetha chugging down the grape juice)

Did a little wine tasting in the Santa Cruz Mountains this weekend. I did this once before in Italy, and I didn't exactly like it then and I don't exactly like it now. Maybe it's like cigarettes where you need to try it a few times before you get hooked.

(Natalie & Neetha)

We made it to 4 wineries on the Winery Passport Weekend (see map). For $30 you get unlimited access to 30+ wineries in the greater Santa Cruz Mountain area where you can drink all you want. It is organized by the Santa Cruz Mountains Winegrowers Association and happens every 3 months. My favorite was the first winery, Cinnabar, where they served goat cheese and Countrytime Lemonade Vintage 1999.

For all of you wine afficianado's you should take a trip out here during a passport weekend. Let me know, and maybe I'll be the designated driver... or I'll just bring my own beer and Countrytime Lemonade stash.

big a,
thanks for finally putting up a picture of me where i don't look totally and completely wasted!! i mean, ppl were getting the wrong idea of me! i do not in any way support the drinking of alcoholic beverages.


big al sleeps a lot.

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