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Tuesday, December 05, 2006 

Missing: Lawn Gnome

(not actual picture)

Somebody took my lawn gnome! Give it back!

Height: 8"
Weight: 2 lbs
Last seen wearing suspenders and carrying a bird in his backpack.




you should really take better care of ur things...he probably felt neglected and unloved and decided to runaway

hypothetically speaking, if i took the gnome, how much of a reward can i expect? it better be good since u're now a big time business man:)

frenchy, since u're not french i can only assume u're trying to be that girl from grease that was a beauty skewl dropout. will a pink velvet be joining the red and blue?

assume whatchu like neets. that nickname was given to me; i didn't create in an effort to be something. unlike the feelings in new york, there is a problem with pink velvet & it will not be joining the red or the blue.

Please take you nonsense elsewhere.

"A Happy Place To Be"

big al: this is america...home of your beloved dubya...i am free to talk nonsense wherever i like!!

4nyay: i still vote for the pink...the girls will love it cuz it shows confidence. besides, it'll go nicely with ur skin tone & eyes.

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