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Tuesday, December 26, 2006 

Big Al's Festivus Football Madness

(Veteran Irman checking out the field conditions at Wardlaw Elementary)

Just a little background: My high school buddies and I played 2 football games per year since we got out of college - the Turkey Bowl and the Mama Sita Lechon Sauce Bowl. This year we played the 4th and 3rd editions (respectively). I'm happy to say that I'm 6-1 in the series including a sweep this year. Big Al was teamed up with newcomer Ken, Steve & VJ. Eric's Losers team was Irman, Sean & Lester. This year's M.S.L. Bowl score was:
(Lester, Eric, Officer Steve, VJ(down), Irman, Officer Ken & Big Al)

Big Al & Friends: 10
Eric & Losers: 9

Here are the pictures:
(Officer Steve, Officer Ken & CPA Eric trying to get loose)

(Officer Steve trying to recollect all the events that happened that day. If asked in court, he'll probably make things up.)

(The two Mr. Irrelevants of the Draft - VJ Bustos & Lester Visita)

BTW: Eric and I did the rock/paper/scissor method to determine who would draft first. Always pick paper foo!