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Thursday, December 28, 2006 

Big Al Goes to the Emerald Bowl

(Two strangers that helped us open our beer bottles on the train - Go Cal!)

I know I shouldn't be going out as much because I should be concentrating on other "things". However, I did go out with the UCLA crew to check out the Emerald Bowl featuring the UCLA Bruins and the Florida State Seminoles at AT&T Park in San Francisco. The 'Noles downed the Fruins 44-27. It was actually a good game until the 4th quarter when UCLA just gave up.
(Dentist Leslie, Engineer Ted, Dude I don't know, Engineer Neetha just after they pounded several drinks)

It's so funny that whenever I go out with the UCLA people to watch their team, they always lose:
UofA breaks up undefeated UCLA season
Florida Gators beat UCLA in the Nat'l Championship Basketball Game
The 'Noles beat UCLA in the Emerald Bowl

I wonder why they keep on inviting me out?

(Amanda & Judd taking a break from baby duty)

(Nurse Helen & Neetha sharing a moment. Neetha was especially nosey about my personal life that night.)

BTW: I'm starting to reconsider the public transportation options (aka The Cal Train). It took me 1 hour & 45 minutes to get home last night. It sucked since I wasn't even drunk by the end of the game.

good point big al....u're no longer invited!! we did win the gonzaga game u came to, so ur score isn't perfect.

btw, i wasn't being nosey....i was just enjoying giving you a really hard time in front of everybody...the doctor gets his fair share too:)

y do i look so drunk in all of those pics? i might have to sue bigalshouse.com for defamation of character

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