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Tuesday, December 12, 2006 

Big Al Goes Snowboarding at Heavenly

(Big Al having a conference with Chief Smoke a Lot)

So I went snowboarding this weekend with Jo and her Mission San Jose High School friends. (They've been removed from high school for quite some time in case you were wondering you pedophiles). The weather on the way up really sucked - hard rain, windy and cold. When we did get to Tahoe it snowed all night and morning. At least it cleared it up in the afternoon for some good runs.

A few weird things happened while I was up there. The first was in the elevator in Harrah's. I accidentally leaned up against the buttons and pushed an additional 3 buttons that caused our lift to stop at 3 unintended floors. I apologized to the crowd inside and one guy smartly said, "Only an Asian could do that". Wow! Could you believe that? Anyways, I said, "Only an Asian could do that?" He nodded. I then said, "Make sure you never come to our country." And I gave him and his wife the evil Big Al stare for the rest of the ride. Oooohhh. He could have felt the wrath of my Jiu Jitsu.
(Making my mark with assistance from Jo)

The other thing was while we were walking from Harrah's the parking lot. Jenn, Jo's friend, got hit by an can of Arizona Ice Tea in the back of her head from a passing car. By the time we found out what happened the car was a long ways away. I wonder if it was the same guy from the elevator.

I learned a couple of things this trip:
1. I'm getting a little older now - I'm slower on the slopes and I don't take as many risks.
2. Even though the roads say "Chain Control - Chains Necessary" doesn't necessarily mean you need chains.

u're still a pedophile in my eyes. is jo ur girlfriend? sorry, i'm a lil socially disconnected in soko. what're u doing for new year?

No plans for NYE yet. But given the Big Al budget, I wouldn't expect much.

Where you gonna' be at?

Big Al

not sure...might do up daygo/TJ for the new year or do the block party in tempe. i think i did vegas last year...or maybe it was reno. shit, i can't remember.

-4nyay the great

Who's in Daygo?

-Big Al

P.S. Check this out from www.santaclarabroncos.com:

Familiar Face
Bronco fans may recognize a familier face on the Broncos staff this season. Jamie Holmes, who played four seasons for the Broncos before graduating in 2001, is now the team's director of basketball operations. Holmes averaged 9.8 points per game for his career, including 13.6 his senior season. In his final year, he helped lead SCU to a 20-win season playing alongside the school's No. 3 all-time leading scorer, Brian Jones. Following his time at Santa Clara, Holmes played professionally overseas, including stops in the Netherlands and Australia.

i'm not sure who, if anybody, will be in daygo, but i'm open to going.

good find van wilder. looks like his knees are shot.

kevin is also doing something for bronco athletics i think.

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