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Thursday, December 21, 2006 

The 9th Annual BigAlsHouse.com Holiday Party

(Big Al making a mad dash after he picks up his White Elephant at Holiday Party IX)

So it actually wasn't a party that BigAlsHouse.com put on, but it was sponsored by us. On Friday, December 15, the Santa Clara University crew celebrated it's 9th annual Christmas dinner and gift exchange. For those that haven't been apart of it, it's a really cool thing. We started this our sophomore year and managed to keep it going until now.

(Pam & Big Al doing the Signature)

This years event was put together by Ito (once again). We've held at different venue's each time such as Applebee's & Chevy's. This year's event took a little twist as we went to dinner at the Tied House in downtown San Jose and then back to the Big Al's House for the White Elephant gift exchange. The problem with the Tied House was that they only have one section that can host a party of 24 and they had a previous party occupying that place from 5-9pm. Our original reservation was for 8pm. So given that extended wait, the Tied House people bought us our first round of drinks. Not bad given that the first round that I chose was the beer sampler. I was pretty wasted by the time dinner came out.
(The SCU alumni guys (from left-right): Sina, Toan, Quincy, Rey, Ito, Karl, Big Al)

We then took it back to my place for the ever popular White Elephant. For those that have never done this, we get a gift between $20-30 and put it in a pile. We all randomly draw numbers and when it comes to your turn, you have the choice of pulling an unwrapped gift from the pile or "stealing" one from a person that has already opened one. I did some pretty good choosing - I first went after the Nerf gun set then Ito took that away from me, then I got a Cranium Pop Culture game and then Quincy took that away from me. I eventually got a portable plug-in cooler. Not bad. As for the gift that I brought, I think it was the coolest of all the gifts that I've brought. Just a recap of what I've brought before:
1. Penis Pump
2. Humping Monkey

So this year I bought a little messenger bag and filled it with one bottle of orange sauce from La Victoria's. When Jenny first opened it up she thought it was just a bag until she opened it. All the ooh's & aah's came out. (Just a little background, this is pretty good sauce to put on just about anything. We really liked it back in college and even now we'll go out every once in a whileto eat at La Vic's, but we never actually buy the sauce)
(Matt & Nic making Stef jealous)

(Wasted Big Al taking pictures (crooked clockwise): Jo, Holly, Jas, Annora, Toan, Nic & Matt)

We were able to celebrate this party with about 24 people - our largest turnout since our college days. A few missing people that I hoped would be there were Brandon & Steph, Karen & Cary. Luckily we had a bunch of returnee's show up like Steve-o, Sarah, Rey, Karl, Samphon, Annora, Mike, Ito, Emily, Pam, Sina, Jenny, Toan, Jas, Quincy & Jamie. A big surprise was Nicole showing up. She's been there before, but not in the past few years. She just happened to be working in Monterey and she happened to be passing by. A couple of newcomers were Jo, Holly, Pam's boyfriend (forgot your name dude), Joe (who showed up late), Stef & Matt - hopefully they'll join us again in future SCU holiday parties.

(Wasted Big Al & Stef)