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Wednesday, November 22, 2006 

The BigAlsHouse.com's Plug

So the BigAlsHouse.com Team is attempting to launch a new marketing blitz. Look for us on billboards, bus stop posters, Internet ads, TV commercials, etc. However, look really quick because we don't have the marketing budget that other dot coms have.

So in our first attempt, we decided it would be really great if we can get random people to do "plugs" for BigAlsHouse.com. Our goal was to get a few words that basically announced our website and give our viewers a glimpse of who else is apart of the BigAlsHouse.com world. So please welcome Nol of Bali, Indonesia as BigAlsHouse.com's first Plugger:

Nol helped me survive the volcano climb in Bali

If you think you have what it takes to be a Plugger for BigAlsHouse.com. Send your videos in to our Marketing Staff.

i hope u at least paid him for his services...but then again u r the type to promote slave labor

I tipped him a few bucks. The US Dollar goes a long way over there.

The BigAlsHouse.com staff would love it if Neetha could plug the site.

since i am sooo ridiculously good looking, i'm gonna need more than a few bucks.

oh, and i want my own trailer stocked with cristal and m&m's (only the blue ones)

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