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Monday, November 13, 2006 

BigAlsHouse.com - An Ad Free Site

To all my loyal readers:

Thank you for visiting my blog - my virtual home. It is through your visits and support that we are able to stay ad free.

Here's an example of a site that isn't ad free:Notice how this person's blog advertises "Bachelorette Party". I know he ain't a male stripper so why is he advertising these types of parties. He's also advertising lotion & lingerie. This is what happens when you're desperate for the attention. Media whore!


Big Al
Supreme Ruler of this dot com

have you been eatin those jellysickles again? i told you to lay off that shit.

-4n...ah fuck it, u know who i am!

No jellysickles.... just 15 shots a time.. all the time.

B to the A

wow, not to many talk shit for coming in 2nd place, but oh well.

i do have a complaint about ur site though. when i click on add comment & then i get to the next screen, i start typing my comment. after 5 seconds it resets the page and goes to the last comment posted. not too much concern right? wrong. becuz i'm a busy man & my time is money i start typing right away. when it does the reset, i lose my typings. i don't like that. could you fix it? i have to type twice, thus i lose money.

-4nyay of www.4nyay.com - a website that doesn't make u lose money

Use Firefox. I never have a problem.

i do use firefox.

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