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Thursday, November 02, 2006 

Big Al's Halloween Never Ends with Bags of Candy

So Halloween was a pretty intense night and I didn't go trick or treating or even wear a costume. So here's the timeline:
5:00pm: Waited for trick-or-treaters with my 4 bags of candy
7:30pm: No trick-or treaters came. Went to softball with my 3 bags of candy.
12:00am: Heard a loud crash. Went to the middle of the street with my 2 bags of candy.
4:00am: Neighbors had off-the-wall sex that woke me up. Went to my wall to place my ear up against it with my 1 bag of candy.

Crazy night eh?

did u get high & eat all that candy. u really plowed thru it.

-4nyay - just an all around badass over at www.4nyay.com

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