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Wednesday, November 01, 2006 

Big Al with late breaking news

Halloween doesn't end at midnight on the 31st. So I'm sitting at my desk at home and I hear this loud crash. I run outside and checkout what I see:
The driver of the red car was a 17 year old Latina girl who was obviously drunk. She didn't say a word. She was shaken up a little bit and I believe she had bleeding coming from her head.

The owners, a White couple, of the Mazda 626 came out pretty quick and called the police. The space that the Mazda was at is where I usually park my truck, but today I didn't.

Check out where I parked my truck that night in relation to the accident.

My parting words to the girl was to stay silent and take the loss for the hit of the car and not the DUI.

I would normally post this in www.4nyay.com's Treal Stories, but I can't access it.

www.bigalshouse.com - always on, always up-to-date

u're just a compuTARD. www.4nyay.com always works. why didn't u get a pic of the girl? sux she hit a parked car, but i guess she had a ton of fun leading up to that moment.

why u gotta say a white couple? i knew u were racist.

www.4nyay.com - so up to date it's disgusting

how did she hit the parked that at that angle. both left sides are damaged. usually if somebody hit a parked car it would be right front to left rear, but that didn't appear to be the case. please explain. was she turning or really really wasted where she was trying to parallel park & hit left front to left rear & mangled both cars? it looks almost like a t-bone. how in the blue hell do u do that to a parked car? big al...help a brother out if u're going to tell a story like this.

don't mind the punctuation.

Here's my theory:
There are driveways on the front and rear of the silver Mazda. I believe the girl was so drunk that she decided to turn into the driveway that was located towards the rear of the Mazda. B/c she was drunk she miscalculated the turn and hit the rear of the Mazda.

that's pretty fast to be going into a driveway.

You don't have to be going that fast to cause that type of damage.

She probably bumped her head on the steering wheel and that's why she was bleeding - no air bags.

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