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Friday, November 24, 2006 

Big Al Wins Turkey Bowl IV

So after 1 year of preparation and shit talking I have earned my right to brag for the next 364 days as Turkey Bowl IV Champion. New rules this year allowed us to push us to the edge of exhaustion as we decided to put a "Win By 2" rule. So normally we would go for first team to 10. Because of the new rule the final score after 3 hours of play at Wardlaw Elementary in Vallejo was:
Big Al & Friends: 16
The Losers: 14

(Clockwise from Big Al, Marc, Irman, Chis, VJ, Bubba, Lester & Eric)

With Irman calling the plays, Marc at the split-end and Bubba playing tight end we pulled through. Eric, VJ, Lester and Chis played really well - they even had the lead a few times.
(Big Al going for one of his many TD's after being chased by Eric & Lester)

(Eric chasing Big Al during one of his many TD's)

A couple of things to consider for 2007:
A point cap if we need to Win By 2
A ruling if we kick it out of bounds on a kickoff
Ruling after the safety

(Big Al getting a little help from Les after 3 hours of exhausting play)

another day w/out an update :(

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looks like you all had a great time! thanks for stopping by my blog last week. hope you had a nice holiday!

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