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Saturday, November 18, 2006 

Big Al gets into the PS3 Mix

So it's Thursday, 11/16 about 6pm. I'm getting a bite to eat at the local Hawaiian BBQ place near Target and I see a bunch of people gathered around the store. I knew this was the eve of the big Sony Playstation 3 launch, but I didn't understand what exactly was going on at this store.

(Big Al getting in his trademark signature)

I was at Fry's earlier and I saw a few kids out there camping. Unknown to me at the time was that they were there since Tuesday. But it was different at this Target because they apparently did not allow camping. According to the groups of people around the store, they were to allow a "line-up" at 10pm.

Knowing this I knew I stood no real chance at getting a PS3, but I did know that there would entertainment one second after 9:59pm that night, so I decided that I would come back.
(The multiplied crowd of almost 300)

I came back about 9:45 pm and the crowd multiplied. From what I saw earlier of 30 or so people, this crowd grew to almost 300. It was rediculous. I was expecting to see a stampede of people crashing into the front door. However, I was denied the entertainment shortly before the show was to begin.
(The SJPD reading everybody their "PS3 Rights")

To make a long story short, the security guard and the SJ Police Department announced that there was going to be a raffle and each person was going to get an equal chance to get a 6 x 60 GB PS3's and 2 x 20GB PS3's. I unfortunately did not win that night.