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Wednesday, November 29, 2006 

BigAlsHouse.com Exclusive: An Important Annoucement

***The following is a BigAlsHouse.com Exclusive. It will be mass mailed to my email contacts on Thursday, 11/29. You're reading it here first!***

Hello All,

For those that have been associated in my world these past few months you may have noticed that I have made some non-traditional career choices in 2006. I left McAfee, my home of 5+ years because I got a little bored, so I decied to work at a start-up in SF... not necessarily for the potential of start up fortunes, but because I needed to expand my social network (aka meet more girls). I left there shortly because it didn't fit right, but I did meet more girls. Since then I have used the following terms such as "semi-retired", "on sabbatical", "I'm doing things", "I'm 'working'", etc. Not to sound like an after school special, but during this whole time I was a little lost. I didn't want to be a worker bee (aka b!tch) anymore. So I took the plunge and chased my dream of working for myself.

Over the years, I had a few business plans stored away, but I didn't really use one of them until recently. My criteria was that I wanted it to be a little geeky, be a flexible business that I can scale, a competitive market that I can exploit through my past experience, something that will bring me all over the world and most importantly something that I had a passion to work on everyday. This brought me into the world of fish. =P

I recently took an extended trip to the Indo-Pacific area, not for vacation, but for research and networking. My intent was to bring in a product that was native to the foreign lands like the Philippines, Indonesia & beyond into the United States for retailers and wholesalers to sell and distribute. My vision is to not only bring in live animals from these areas, but bring in products from places that have yet to be touched ("thinking outside of the box").

So I have spent that better part of the last few months doing a part time job at a fish store, getting my plan together and properly executing it. There was a lot of blood, sweat & tears during this time. The number of times I considered quitting was many, but I never once updated or sent out my resume. All of the hard work finally paid off because as of this week I have my first 2 customers on board. They're small customers, but I have confidence that they'll grow with me.

Just a few people to thank that have helped me on my journey:
Mom & Dad - for being my parachute JUST IN CASE I need to jump
Toan, Ito, Sina & Tam - for being my business consultants and reducing the number of mistakes
My family in the Philippines - for bringing me around the Mother Land while I did my research
Jo - for bringing me doughnuts
Hazel - for keeping my stress level down
Frenchy - for keeping me away from foreign diseases
Uncle Henry - for realizing that people mindlessly spend thousands of dollars on this.
My friends - who half-heartedly took my excuses for not making their Bachelor party, Las Vegas trip, or night outs, etc. I hope you understand why I couldn't make it now.

Big Al

good job big al...almost there, but u failed to mention the company name.


Swimmingly Kewl! I'll need more details over a beer. Cheers!


Allan, you're doing great!! you just need to keep your spirits and motivations high....


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