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Tuesday, October 31, 2006 

Travel with Big Al 2007

Check the right side of my main page for updates. Here is my tentative schedule for 2007. I recommend that you start saving the cash and requesting your paid time off. Ciao!

2007 Schedule (subject to change):
April 16-29
Costa Rica

July 4-15
Running with the Bulls!

u're posting that u're going to do the running of the bulls. you better not back out mother fucker. i'll start to coordinate that in the near future unless you wanna grab the bull by the horns. if you do, u definitely cannot back out.

Beeeyyyaattchh!!! You know my rule.. you book first mofo!

I kept my word for the AVN 2006. Notice that AVN 2007 isn't on the list.

i only wanted to comment on one gay thing at a time. if you don't go to avn '07, u're gay.

if that is ur rule, i will book my flight to spain by the end of this year...gotta check the mileage charts yo.

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