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Thursday, October 19, 2006 

Mr. Adidas May You Rest In Peace

(Mr. Adidas 2003-2006)

I have finally retired my pair of soccer slippers. There were with me on my first International trip to Europe and they survived until the current one in Bali. Some of the highlights of Mr. Adidas included the go-go bars of Phuket, the bachelor parties in Las Vegas, the barber shops in Seoul and the coffee shops of Amsterdam. Mr. Adidas you're gone, but not forgotten.

Enter Mr. No Fear. May you live up to the expetations in strip clubs, bachelor parties, go-go bars, etc. of your fallen brother. To Bali and beyond!

ewwwww...i can smell the stank on those shoes from here!!!

what's the deal yo? u find a wifey yet? how's the international pop career going? when r u coming home?


Awww.. Neetha do you miss me? I actually didn't throw my slippers away, I mailed them to Palo Alto, but it's Adult Signature Required so when the mailman comes to your place make sure your mommy or daddy will be there.

Wifey... maybe. We'll find out if I have to be back here in 9 months.

Back on Tuesday!

of course i miss u pooh bear....almost as much as i miss hobbling around on crutches:)

mommy and daddy are in europe, so the slippers will forever remain in the custody of the PA post office

as for the wifey...according to my calculations, u only have about 4 mos until u have to check in with the thailand hopefuls

u going to zach's going away? u r on the evite, so i don't want to hear any b-list bitching!!


Hmm... i don't know why Neetha's (aka anonymous) post isn't up. Let's see if this works.

I did see that I was on the "A-list" this time around. I'll probably show up... unless I have to "work".

Maybe I do have to show back up in Thailand. They don't have phones or email where I went to so I'm relying on snail mail to get word.

how long do i have to read about ur slipper problems? at least i update my site. AND it also loads when you want it to.

-4nyay of www.4nyay.com fame - a website that is updated & loads on request

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