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Thursday, October 05, 2006 

Have you seen this French guy?

So Frenchy and I went out in Manila tonight, but I had to get back early and he decided to take his chances with the females. So if you're reading this and happen to see this guy and these girls, make sure you send him back to the Manila Hotel.

(Frenchy & Big Al trying to figure out the timing thing on the camera)

(Lady, one of the singers of 9th Avenue, and the girl that Frenchy was trying to hollar at)

(Frenchy, Luna & Icey just before I left them. Frenchy was deciding whether or not he should go out with the girls while I went back to the hotel. I'm alone in the hotel room now just in case you're wondering what he decided to do.)

Update 7:00am

(Frenchy was found alive & in bed. He was not taken advantage of by the locals)

wow! filipino pop stars! i'm impressed...u guys are moving up in the world. just don't forget us lil ppl. have fun at the beach resort this weekend and remember to use protection:)

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